About me

These days, I live with my grown-up children somewhere in the middle of nowhere; in a lovely wooded and hilly area of Germany. But that wasn’t always the case.

In my youth I travelled many countries, and I’ve lived in everything that has a roof: from tents, to trucks, to squads, to caravans, cheap flats and other people’s livingrooms. I cherished this wild life. I was free.

But having small children put an end to my travels, and I settled; first in England, then I finally went back to Germany.

During my travels I made music, I was a busker; in England, I recorded my first unplugged album. Later I studied music in Bath and ended up recording two more albums, all of them created by my lonesome. Just as I was gaining some kind of recognition, I moved to Germany, and found myself in the unlucky position of being jobless. That was the point when I decided to ditch the music and concentrate on a job where I could be there for my kids, who were still small.

Then I found Second Life. I created a character called Aeris Shenlin;  I logged in and found an infinite easel at my disposal. Needless to say, I was hooked. I spent a good few years working 24/7, until I experienced the inevitable burnout, and since then I haven’t really managed to get my business back to where it should be; but I am still there, occasionally , when I have a new idea or a new order to carry out.

Having stopped writing songs, and unable to create more things in Second Life, I found that I was itching to write. Now, my sister is an author, and I constantly marvelled at her ideas and style, but I could’nt even write one sentence, let alone come up with a plot. Until one evening in late 2014, when I went to sleep, and just before I fell asleep, I had this idea, and I asked my son who was in the room to remind me of it the next day. My book now has around 450 pages and is still growing, and though it might not ever get published, I am having the time of my life, yet again. *update: yay it’s finished! See “Land der Wächter” 🙂

Creativity is an addiction. But it is a good one.


Anne Brünjes, August 2017