Second Life

Look who’s back!

I have a new sim, more to follow. 🙂




As of August 2016, I’m officially retiring from Second Life.



Second Life is a virtual world, or platform. The thing that differenciates Second Life from other places most is that its content is, for the very most part, user-created: the company Linden Labs simply provides a virtual, endless ocean and the possibility to create, buy or rent land in this ocean. The rest is left to your imagination. Needless to say, there are cesspits, just like in real life, but there is also an incredible amount of wonderful art and wondrous installations to be found, and I for one am proud to say I was a part of this.

I started with a sofa, made from flat spheres. I’ve moved on since then 🙂 Here I will present only the things I am most happy with, but if you visit the Second Life Marketplace, you can find around 300 items I have on there.

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