I once met a man in Second Life and I went out with him for a while. His avatar was a hippie-ish dude, he liked Blues, and we had fun. It all went downhill when I asked him to come to a fashion show with me, where I was the exhibiting designer. My avatar was styled to the gills, befitting the outfits I was presenting; but he did not want to change into a suit, because he said he’d abhor the idea. It turned out he was a bank manager in Real Life; well I am a hippie in Real Life, such is the way of things. We parted ways. He probably still dresses like a hippie, and I still dress like a Queen in Second Life. Why am I telling you this? There’s more to people than their outward appearance in life. Obviously, this man secretly yearned to have the freedom we hippies have in abundance. And me, though I cherish my hippie life, my incense sticks and my peace-love-happiness mantra, I like precious jewels. I love the glimmer and the sparkle, and I adore the beauty and intricacy of old-fashioned jewellery. Therefore, that’s what I create in Second Life. I specialise in recreating antique royal jewellery.